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30 years have passed since FITTICH was founded on February 17th, 1983.

God give me the presence
of mind to accept the things which I am unable to change.
Give me the courage
to change things which I am able to change
and the wisdom
to distinguish one from the other.

F.C. Oetinger, 18th century.


So I started to make the mosaic of FITTICH: one stone, one person, one office and one country at a time.

Today there are many of us, a remarkable number. A force to be reckoned with in over 20 countries.


Our Branches

 I recall clearly the first member recruited into the team: Gabor. Tyhen come Rade, Tono, Volodya, Zeliko,Vladimir …. etc.
  • I recall each and every one of you.
  • I recall your enthusiasm.
  • I recall your belief in success.
  • I recall your achievements.
  • I recall our first projects.
  • Our strength has always been clear: alarm and security systems.
  • Our strategy has always been evident: engineering.

Our product range has always been focused: FIRE, INTRUSION, CCTV and ACCESS CONTROL.
On this 4 columns have built a platform, we have used our faith in these columns to build a springboard on the platform. Using the springboard we have become one of a handful of international companies able to provide integrated security management system (FMS). From the above was marked our first milestone: the first FMS - National library in Zagreb, worth 3.5 million CHF3.5 M.
As the competition got stronger so too did we.
This resulted in success in Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia … etc etc. In the early 90`s FITTICH started developing strategic partnerships with
SECURITON. FITTICH was appointed to be the sole and exclusive representative of SECURITON in Central and Eastern Europe. This marked the new era of prosperity. Our partnership with SECURITON was initially 90% based on Intrusion. SECURITON took over HEKATRON, a famous Fire protection producer. Fire detection become of ever-greater interest to us.
Today 80% of our business with SECURITON involves fire protection and the remaining 20% involves intrusion.
GUARDALL has taken over a more interesting position for us regarding Intrusion.
It now deals with that element of the total system not covered by SECURITON. As a consequence, with improved systems, training, personnel and know-how we have been able to open new offices Russia, Georgia, Poland, Romania, Kazakhstan …etc. Everyday is a new milestone for us, … and so everyday we continue to build our own future. 1997 saw FITTICH move to new purpose built premises in Muzzano. This was the beginning of new chapter. At last we were able to present our products and services to our clients in operation. We began our own in-service training for our engineers, staf and clients. The new premises allowed us to design global security solutions to fit our clients requirements. A typical result is the Slovakia national bank. We are proud to have FITTICH-alarm as our associate.
We work hard to continue to maintain our positions in the competitive environment in order to win contracts of greater significance. The FITTICH family has now grown to over 500 personnel with 40 subsidiaries present in 18 countries. We now claim to be one of the leaders in our field in the region. At the end of last millennium FITTICH expanded into the Southern Mediterranean and the Near and Middle East.
I am confident that with the same enthusiasm, drive and commitment, the trademark of FITTICH people, shown to date, the new millennium will bring analogous results:

  • Learn from the past.
  • Build on the present.
  • Look to the future.
  • FITTICH - a respected Partner world-wide.

FITTICH has been active in the international security market for many years, and during this time has earned a reputation with contractors as a reliable partner. Most of the work involves large scale projects, with the entire security package being handled by experienced FITTICH engineers in collaboration with local FITTICH Companies or the installation. This includes of course, a thorough analysis of the risks, drawing up a security concept, planning the installation, selecting and procuring hardware and software. Installation of the system on the spot is often performed by local specialists. FITTICH is always responsible for the project and its supervision, as well as for final acceptance in compliance with specifications and standards, and commissioning.
However, the services offered by FITTICH go further than this. For example, specialists are also provided for instructing local personnel. And not only do they train local personnel, but FITTICH instructors are also committed to update, when necessary, with the latest technologies. FITTICH specialists also perform regular servicing under the terms of standard maintenance contracts and after sales services.
FITTICH-GEORGIA was opened on 17th November 2000 in Tbilisi by Mr. Davor Rzehak, General Director of FITTICH Switzerland and Mr. George Tetrashvili, Managing Director of FITTICH-GEORGIA. FITTICH-GEORGIA is exclusive representative in South Caucasus region and responsible to support activities of the company.

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